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Morecambe & Lancaster Zine Library

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

The Morecambe & Lancaster Zine Library evolved last year with funding from Creative West End in Morecambe, and The Gregson Centre in Lancaster.

It aims to be a resource for creativity and connection &

links Morecambe and Lancaster

with its 3 locations.

Each is a small, mobile, creative space made of up~cycled furniture. Where various Zine things happen.


The Good Things Studio in Morecambe.

Where we are hosting monthly zine making sessions

(more info & booking) and the home of the Morecambe Sundae Art Zine. (Good Things Website)


The Gregson in Lancaster.

Where you can take The Case For Making Zines to your table with a cuppa and use the recourses to make zines (this way...) to the Gregson website.


The Nib Crib in Morecambe.

A space for all things writing: creating, reading, performing, listening, watching. (Click here...) for more info about their programme of events.


Zines and Zine Libraries:

A zine (pronounced 'zeen' as in magazine) is a small-circulation,

Do it Yourself booklet or magazine.

A zine can be about absolutely anything.


Zine Making: A no pressure opportunity for creativity, a chance to connect with others and to discover the many possibilities of Zines. Sparking ideas, doodling, drawing, collaging,& printing while sharing and exploring the complexities of being human.

Zine making can also be understood as a form of craftivism - a worldwide movement that sits at the intersection of craft and activism.


Zine reading: There are no distinctions between the readers and writers of zines, with zine reading encouraging zine writing, in a circular process of exchange and dialogue. The library enables people to deposit a zine, to borrow one and bring it back or to pass it on.


The Morecambe & Lancaster Zine Library was Created by:

Jill Anderson from the Mad Zines Research Project, CCrAMHP & Asylum magazine.

Charlotte Done, illustrator & director at Morecambe Community Riso Press.

You can contact them about the Zine Library here:



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