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The Morecambe & Lancaster Zine Library 


Our Library is a resource for creativity and connection, linking Morecambe and Lancaster with its Ziney hubs at Good Things Studio in Morecambe and The Gregson Community Centre in Lancaster. 

Set up in collaboration with Mad Zines Research, our Zine Library is a collection of up cycled office and pub furniture and of Zines made.

The Library promotes another way of informally sharing knowledge, and provides a space for learning about personal stories, which are not usually found in mainstream media.


Zines are mini magazines of a moment made by people, to share their random or focused thoughts and ideas, an alternative way of communicating, to social media. They are available to look at, take home, read, swap, replace or kept, by anyone. 



If you would like to work with us to deliver Zine Making Sessions or Workshops OR you want to find out more... 


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