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The Morecambe & Lancaster Zine Library 

A resource for creativity and connection linking Morecambe and Lancaster with its three Ziney hubs at Good Things Studio in Morecambe and The Gregson Community Centre in Lancaster.  

We also have a roving Zine Library which is in transit inbetween the Nib Crib and somewhere new!

Read More about the project here... BLOG 

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Sessions are FREE, with materials provided. These sessions have not been specifically designed for children and young people.  Everyone is welcome though:  ( over 18’s can bring younger folk & under 18’s can bring older folk ).  

Held in accessible venues in a no pressure environment, providing an opportunity for creativity.

A chance to connect with others, discover the possibilities of zine making with collage, drawing, writing.  Explore zines in all their diverse forms, find ideas that spark your imagination, have fun doodling & chatting.




Friday 29th  2pm ~ 4.30pm
Zine Making Session
@ Good Things Studio, Morecambe.
Zines of the Sea: A Salty Celebration of Fishy Tales, Sea Mists and What the Sea Gives Us. 
Guest Ziner ~ Writer & Maker Sarah Hymas, of Skear Zines, will be here to chat about what the sea means to us, share some unfolding paper magic & her Zine KnowHow. 

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Saturday  28th   2pm ~ 4.30pm
Zine Making Session
@ Good Things Studio, Morecambe

ORIGIN STORY ZINES.  Guest Ziner ~ Anne Holloway, Poet, Performer & Indie book publisher at Big White Shed, will be here, thinking & chatting about our own origin stories and the defining moments which set you on a current journey. We'll be drawing, writing and collaging to create our own 8 page zine.

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Wednesday  11th  Being Well Day @ The Gregson 

Exploring creative approaches to community health.
Charlotte (Morecambe Riso Press) & Vaz (Queer By Gum) will be running the Zine workshop

at 2pm onwards, thinking about health, our own health and community health.

Drawing/ doodling & collaging, catching and archiving ideas and encouraging reflections

on what Health means for us.

There's plenty here from 11.30 - 4pm , addressing health inequalities through

networking, sharing, arts and creativity.


Saturday  25th  3pm - 5pm 

Riso Prints & Zine Exhibition @ Good Things Studio, Or close by!  Morecambe.
Showing all the amazing prints that have been made by our growing community of Riso Printers, alongside the Zines we've all made and aquired in the Morecambe & Lancaster Zine Library.  
Plus 1st years birthday celebrations of the Morecambe Community Riso Press! 
More info coming soon.... 

No booking needed

Sunday 12th   2pm ~ 4.30pm
Zine Making Drop~In Session
@ The Gregson Centre, Lancaster.

Zines of Lost & Found Things. Want to make a zine but you're feeling at a Loss?

Then come and make a Zine of Lost & Found Things.

We’ll be using old photos, magazines and books, cut out words and images to

illustrate some of the things that have been lost & found. 

Distant memories, ideas, notions & plans. Or maybe lost homes or friends or summers of love?

And their found counterparts. Finding yourself, Finding your way, Finding the words,

Finding your footing, Finding a friend.

Or how about the things that have been lost & found in Lancaster & Morecambe? The Tourist info centre, The art school, The adult education centre? old buildings, pleasure palaces & fairgrounds and those found spaces that have been renewed.

Drop In... Explore the Library...make a Zine or two! 
No booking needed 


Sunday 10th   2pm ~ 4.30pm
Zine Making Drop~In Session@ The Gregson Centre, Lancaster.
Watch this space!
No booking needed 

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