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DIY printing is available to Riso Members. 

The aim is for Riso printing on our machine to be affordable, accessible and fun while learning a new skill.

To start using the printer you'll need to first attend one of our induction / beginners workshops to get to know the machine to get to know the machine.

Then folk can subscribe to the club [ £5 a month ]

The cost of DIY printing is fairly cheap, and all the proceeds go towards the upkeep of the press, inks, masters and or supply of recycled paper.


£1.50 each  [New master needed for each new image

& each time you change colour]


Cost of each passthrough ~ depending on how much you print.

  1 ~ 20  copies  = 15p each

 20 ~ 50  copies  = 12p each

 50 ~ 100  copies  =  8p each


30 A3 posters.   Single sided 3x colours.   

Print costs would be about £15.   Plus paper costs. 


100 A5 flyers.   ( printing on A4 ) double sided 1x colour.   

Print costs would be about £11.   Plus paper costs.  

We have a small supply of recycled paper that you can use,

[ please email for a price list ]

OR  you can bring your own uncoated / recycled paper. 

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