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... is an artist-led, not for profit CIC providing access to our Riso printer for artists and groups to engage with this vibrant, low carbon way of printing, in order to create DIY prints, posters, flyers and zines. 

CREATING CONNECTIONS...                            

... with communities, charities, and collectives; activists, artists and individuals, who enjoy seeing things through the binoculars of creativity.



... access to our Riso printer, an efficient machine with a low carbon footprint. 

...our love of Riso printing and experimenting with the process. 

...our joy over every single beautiful vibrant print that shoots out of the machine.

...and information about the Riso’s non toxic inks and the recycled paper we use.


BUILDING ON...                                     

...the understanding we’ve gained through informal learning, about all the glorious effects, textures and possibilities within Riso printing. 

...skills in analogue & digital design, layers & file preparation, and developing our growing knowledge about all things Riso, through the connections we’ve made.



... anyone to make art, draw, write, collage, doodle & make zines. 

...exploration of the Zine Library, the network of Zine makers, and the sparkling ideas captured

through it’s Craftavism.

...joining in, with the Riso Club, an affordable way to get access to the Riso machine for DIY

printing and self publishing, and providing a kind place for folk to make connections with art, machines, yourselves & others.

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