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Spring Time 2024


10.30am - 1pm

Saturday  23 March   
Saturday  20 April 
Saturday  25 May    
Saturday  22 June    

Workshops are £25 per person, please email to book your preferred date.

( 14~18's would need to bring an over 18 with them )

These are beginners & induction workshops held at the Good Things Studio in Morecambe.

The session will show you the basics of using the Riso printer and show you it's potential for your future projects.  

The session runs for 2.5 hours to groups of up to 5 people.  All materials will be provided.

We’ll all have a chance to print a 2 colour/ layer print, printed on A3 recycled paper, and we’ll all get a few prints each to take home.  

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