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The Morecambe Community Riso Press is a Not For Profit C.I.C. 

All proceeds go towards Riso ink, rolls of masters, recycled paper stock, and the running of the Press and the Risograph machine.  Any profits will be used for community Riso & Zine projects.



This is an induction workshop for beginners run by The Morecambe Riso Press and held at the Good Things Studio in Morecambe.

The session will show you the basics of using the Riso printer and show you it's potential for your future projects.  Need inspiring? Here's a 2 colour print Pinterest collection... 

The session runs for 3 hours to groups of up to 6 people. All materials will be provided.


We’ll all have a chance to print a 2 colour/ layer print, printed on A3 recycled paper, and we’ll all get a few prints each to take home.  

{ after you have booked I we will send more info about what to bring }

Workshops are now £20 per person, please email to book your preferred date. We'll send pay details when we have confirmed you a spot.

( 14~18's would need to bring an over 18 with them ) 

riso club



DIY printing is available to Riso Members.  ( £5 a month ) 

The aim is for Riso printing on our machine to be affordable, accessible and fun while learning a 

new skill.

To start using the printer you'll need to first attend one of our induction workshops to get to know the machine.

The cost of DIY printing is fairly cheap! It's a good idea to bring your own uncoated / recycled paper. 


If you were printing

40 3x colour A3 posters 

Print costs would be about £6

plus paper costs. 


If you were printing

100 A5 flyers double sided and 1x colour,

also about £6 plus the cost of paper.  

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