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Morecambe Community Riso Press

We are a not-for-profit Community Risograph printing service.

Based in, and supported by The Good Things Collective, Morecambe. 

Providing community access to low carbon, affordable printing.


Community Art Projects
We run workshops so people can learn the art of Risograph printing, and zine making with information and tips about production.

Engaging groups & individuals to create DIY published zines & art on topics & issues relevant to them and enabling informal learning through the creative process.


Risograph Printing

Risograph has become very popular with illustrators and artists in recent years, and we've totally fallen in love with it, for these reasons!

* It's eco friendly with a low carbon footprint.

* It produces beautiful & unique printing.

* We can print & publish art, posters, flyers & zines.

* It's often a bit off kilter "a bit askew, eccentric, prone to mis-registration"

* We needed a Riso Machine in Morecambe!

Zine Making

Zine: A Do It Yourself magazine, about absolutely anything!

Zine Making: Low Fi Creative Craftavism. 

Paper folding, drawing, collaging, doodling & embracing mistakes.   

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